The Chase Formula – Learn to Sell Your Services Like a Pro!

The Chase Formula - Learn to Sell Your Services Like a Pro!Click Image To Visit SiteEveryone in this industry knows that the Local/Offline opportunity is huge. But how do you find enough clients to build a “real” business FAST?

The far majority of Offline Marketers are stuck with just a handful of clients – not making anywhere near the money they should be and probably still working their full-time job doing something else – because they don’t have a PROVEN PROSPECTING SYSTEM they can rely on.

If you want to be the 500lb guerrilla of your market you must have a client-getting-system that is proven and predictable!

Just look around at the companies that we love to make fun of, but that are crushing the marketplace with hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in sales! Companies like:

Sure, their services suck compared to what you can do, but they have tens-of-thousands of customers!

I know because I live in one of their biggest test markets, and I’ve hired several of their salespeople.

Knowing that just about everyone in this market dreads dreads prospecting to find new clients, nearly every WSO promises that you’ll never have to hunt for a client again if you’ll just use their latest prospecting postcard, email or video.

The big dream is that you’ll just send something out and the clients will come beating down your door to do business with you.

Having a proactive, outbound prospecting system that uses a real, living, breathing human being to make contact is still the most productive way to find new offline clients and build your business FAST!

Small businesses are run by people that buy from other people. They value relationships, and they value hearing from experts that can help them achieve their goals.

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