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Dear Friend and Partner!

This Software is a Viral Refer-A-Prospect or Tell-A-Friend Program you can safely use. It is an advanced version with any of the previous questions solved so there are no problems with spammers who could abuse your Tell-A-Friend System!

You must be aware of the enormous power of Viral Marketing by now. It's the key to real success in building a modern Internet Business Empire today.

Receiving qualified prospects from associates who use Viral Tell-A-Friend forms is one of the most desired online traffic sources in any marketing campaigns because it is by far the most powerful system guaranteed to bring you quality leads which exponentially grow in numbers each day.

When a Refer-A-Friend message goes to 5 people, those 5 can easily become 25, and in no time, they can be 125 ... 750 or a few 1,000.

Let's put it this way ...



Any customer who gets this highly viral product for a good price and is shown a few top quality follow up products will use this system to help all their affiliates to be even more profitable - automatically! They simply can't help but like such a Viral Marketing System a lot ... so they will want to share it with many of their friends and associates.

They can best do that with the Tell-A-Friend Marketing System!

Sending them an email? Too boring!

Calling them up? So inconvenient!


So, what will they probably do? Chances are, their interest will be lost quickly until they forget all about it. Result: "Your marketing momentum slows down!"

But if they have a VIRAL WAY to easily distribute the message and even earn a commission for doing it, the chances are much better, they'll keep doing it, or even get the Tell-A-Friend System for their own web site ...

Now you just made a sale, added some prospects to your list - your business is looking good ... your marketing strategy is in great shape and picking up momentum!!

So how do you do all this?

Let me introduce ...


The Viral Tell-A-Friend System





This intelligently programmed
and easy to use system, will
turn any website into a
Viral Marketing Tool!


This system will allow your visitors to refer your website to the people they know, ever so easily ... and this is not all you gain - there is a lot more! We will partner with you and show you how to link in some highly profitable affiliate products as well so you don't have to worry about anything. Even if you like to do it on your own, it's very easy to install - a very good installation manual is included.

Just take a look at all the amazing features this Viral Tell-A-Friend System has to offer.


This Tell-A-Friend System allows your visitors to refer your website to all their online contacts and friends. There are no difficult steps required. All they have to do is complete the online form and click on the submit button.

It gets rid off possible Spamming Abuse . With the safety feature in the form of an Email Verification System, which prevents any spamming.

It allows your visitors to invite an unlimited number of people from their social circle of friends to visit your website. You, as the administrator, can set the number to be invited on the form!

You can customize the page with any header and footer you wish to include. No need for HTML codes. The admin panel will make things very easy for you.

You can use it as an opt-in list! Simply activate the opt-in form function from the admin panel and you'll be able to capture your visitors contact details with the email address you provide!

With this system, a referral form can be placed on any of your web pages, so one set up can be used with hundreds of websites.

This program can work with all your affiliate links. Best of all, this Tell-A-Friend System can brand your affiliate links. They only have to use their affiliate ID's!

That's it!


So Get Your Tell-A-Friend System Now!

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