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Part 1 - Join Build a Biz Online and get yourself a down line.

One great thing about your BABO membership, you get many Very Good Promo Pages to select from, so try them all to see which ones work best for you!

You may like to use this one here to get you started: ... but make sure you use your Own Affiliate Code at the end of the link! You can also add a top banner with your photo by using Link Cloaking, Shorting & Tracking on your promo pages to make them look ... like this here!

Now, to start growing yourself a profitable down line, you have to show your Promo Page to a whole bunch of people online - not just once, but on a regular basis - which is quite easy when you follow these steps:
  1. Register with Fast Cash and Traffic - it's a mailing program you can use to give your promo page a lot of exposure by gaining other benefits in the process!

  2. Bweeble is another mailer I have been suggesting to my team members because of the good results I have been getting with this program ... so keep using it regularly - nice and steady does it every time!

  3. Get the AdViralizer, add your Affiliate Link and keep running your Viralized Ad on the above Promo Sites for great results ...

Part 2 - Take your team PRO and you have a recurring income!

Another nice function which comes with the BABO system, you can send a message to your whole list of down line members every day. I can give you a few ideas to motivate them to become PRO members ... just let me know you are interested.

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